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Is 3D printing now mainstream?

With the announcement of HP joining the market with their new technology I think it’s safe to say that 3D printing is entering the mainstream. With a large global player such as HP investing heavily in research and development, they too think the time has come. Here at isodo3d we believe this can only be a good thing to speed up development from the manufacturers in the current market. 

We recently held three seminars at our offices in Southampton which I am pleased to say were a complete success. We had attendees from all types of businesses who also agree the time has come to embrace 3D printing. We had listed companies along with major high street retailers all wanting to purchase products and machines to test further. One Company who shall remain nameless has already worked out they could lose 19% of their revenue with the evolution of 3D printing at home.

Since the launch of the CubePro in the UK we have had nothing but good reviews from our customers. Most have been impressed with the print quality and speed, while some have commented on the complete reliability of the filament flow, which was an issue with its predecessor.

The CubePro's build envelope is 10.8" x 10.45" x 9.5" and it is capable of printing 70 micron layers. Automated slicing settings are available to make quick work of draft prints, or the Advanced Mode allows custom infill patterns, inner and outer surface layer sizing and outer wall thinness.  Available in a three print head configuration, the CubePro is capable of outputting three simultaneous colours and supports a new engineering grade nylon material perfectly suited for end-use applications.

With the elections due next year, one of the hot topics of debate will be the NHS and spending levels. We have been working closely with many NHS Trusts and departments with a view to reducing operating times and cost. With our ProJet 660 Plaster of Paris printer we have been able to print replica bones prior to surgery. This allows surgeons to plan procedures and see if implants fit.

We can also provide drill and cut guides which has shown to reduce the operation time which in turn reduces patient infection rate. We believe that hospital trusts up and down the country need to embrace 3D printing and its benefits sooner rather than later. The cost savings and patient benefits are massive and will be a game changer.

We hope to have some good news later this month with the release of the 3D Systems CeraJet Printer, extending its 3D printing portfolio to the ancient artisanal craft of pottery and ceramics. This sub £6000 CeraJet 3D Printer prints detailed ceramic objects using 3DS' Colour-Jet-Printing (CJP) technology, that are ready for firing and glazing. With CeraJet 3D Printer, artists, designers, makers and consumers are able to make ceramics products with previously unimagined complex shapes.

John Cousins – 3rd Nov 2014

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