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Pancakes, Kidneys & Elephants

This month’s blog picks up on many topics that have been discussed within isodo3d and the wider community. You may recall that we had great coverage over the 3D printed Kidney from my operation in January. Nearly every day we hear of another exciting case where 3D Printing played a significant role in a patient’s treatment. Whether it’s a custom implant, drill, cutting guide, or an anatomical model; 3D Printing is revolutionising the medical landscape on many levels. 

We believe that 3D printing will have a major part to play with improving patient outcome over the coming years. On Friday 27th March I will be presenting at the Digital Summit in Winchester, along with Professor Robert Winston. I have been asked to talk about our technology and its uses within hospital theatre’s and classrooms. 

The world is still trying to figure out why every home would need a 3D printer, but in the professional world they continue to thrive. With printer sales improving every month we have also seen a big increase in scanner sales. The scanner technology opens up a whole new world in science, industry and the creative sector.  

We’ve been having many discussions with companies involved with medicine, forensics, dental technology, the automotive sector, spare parts supply, rapid prototyping, art, architecture, and archaeology. The scanners we work with can scan everything in 3D from insects to elephants in size. 

Pancake 3D printer, yes you did read this correctly. Thanks to a new 3D printer, it's possible to create cartoon characters and the Tower of London-shaped pancakes without needing a degree in art. Called the PancakeBot, the printer can transform nearly any image into a fluffy breakfast favourite. Designer Miguel Valenzuela tells us that he developed the machine at the request of his three-year-old daughter. Whatever next?

John Cousins

17th March 2015

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