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3D Printed Trophies Anyone….

As the 3D Printing industry continues to grow, at what seems like an ever quicker rate, so too does the number of applications it is used for. One notable area is in the creation of awards and trophies whether it’s a new design or a replica of the original.

isodo3d have had the privilege to work with many companies from varied industries including, sport, telecoms and fashion to name a few. All of which have resulted in unique, bespoke trophies being produced, often incorporating the Company’s own branding.

Trophies can be produced in many ways depending on budget and customer requirements, however the most popular method involves a 4-part process, detailed below. 

Initially a 3D CAD model of the design is made or 3D scan data of the original trophy is captured. This data is then 3D printed, using one of our SLA, resin based, printers as this offers the best print resolution. The next step is to embed the printed part into silicone, which forms a mould, once the part has been cut free. A polyurethane is then poured in the remaining cavity under a vacuum to produce the number of trophies required. The final step is to metal plate the castings, using a process called vacuum metallisation, our most popular material is 18K gold.

As we’ve now been involved in several of these projects, we’ve seen the following key benefits:

•    There is a significant cost reduction compared to traditional methods of manufacture.
•    The process allows Year-on-Year repeatability so recipients can keep the trophy awarded.
•    Trophies can be produced at a smaller scale to be awarded to the runner-up/participants, using the same scan data/ CAD files.
•    Wear and tear to the original, often priceless trophy is significantly reduced.
•    Key sponsors can now be presented with their own replica trophies in recognition of their support.

Our work is not restricted to the UK, in fact we recently undertook work in United Arab Emirates to provide 18 half size replicas of the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship Falcon Trophy for the Pro-am Event. If any of the above has sparked your interest please feel free to contact me.

Matthew Todd 

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