HP 3D Structured Light Scanner

HP 3D Structured Light Scanner

The HP 3D Structured Light Scanner Pro S3 is a mobile 3D scanner, using Structured Light technology to capture high detailed 3D scans, best suited in aiding design and engineering projects.

The Pro S3 has enhanced features in the form of higher data capture and faster scanning speeds. It comes with a full HD camera which has a fast high-resolution chip and a USB 3 interface, allowing for scanning with 54 FPS at maximum resolution, at faster scanning speeds.

The HP 3D Structured Light Scanner Pro S3 comes with a tripod and sliding rail, to provide versatility in capturing 3D scans from objects in a range of sizes, from 60mm to 500mm. 

The Pro S3 3D scanner comes with HP 3D Scan Pro Software for capturing and processing the scan and can output scans into STL, OBJ and PLY file format. The HP 3D Scan Pro Software can be used to create both water-tight models for 3D printing, as well as combining scans to create a 360° image.

Digital Animation - Case Study Video – Click Here

Digital Animation Studio at Middlebury College chooses HP 3D Structured Light Scanner Pro S3 with Dual Camera to enhance creativity. Incorporating the HP 3D Scanner into the digital animation workflow enables creators to focus on "art first and technology second."


Archaeology - Case Study Video – Click Here

Archaeological and Historical Services of Eastern Washington University has been able to unlock some of the mysteries of the past more easily by using the HP 3D scanner Pro S3 with dual camera.  

“If more archaeologists adopted 3D scanning then we would be able to greatly increase the dataset. And that would allow us to interact better with the public and even each other.” - Julia Furlong, Archaeologist at Eastern Washington University


Overview: HP 3D Scanner Pro S3 with Dual Camera Video – Click Here

Get an overview of how the HP 3D Scanner Pro S3 works. This video will give you a good idea of how you set up the 3D scanner, how the calibration is done, how the 3D scanning with structured light is processed and how all the captured 3D scans automatically aligns and fuses.

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